Terms and conditions of PETROSS s.r.o.

I. General Provisions and Definitions

The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") apply only to the business relationship between the buyer and PETROSS, p. r. Likavka 35, 034 95 Likavka, Slovak Republic IČO: 476 141 53, IČ DPH: SK 202 399 441 2, (hereinafter referred to as the operator), concluded through electronic store www.petross.sk (hereinafter referred to as "business").

Buyer means a natural or legal person who, upon his own authorization, has sent an electronic order processed by the trading system.

An electronic order is a sent electronic form containing buyer information, a list of ordered goods from a shop offer, and a total order price processed by the merchant system.

The General Business Terms and Conditions detail and clarify the rights and obligations of the Operator and Buyer in their up-to-date versions and form an integral part of the Purchase Agreement.

II. Order, contract and withdrawal

The validity of an electronic order is true and complete by filling in all the data and formalities required by the system at the time of registration or when placing an order.

All received electronic orders are considered as draft sales and are considered binding on both parties.

Once your order has been submitted, your order will be processed and an acknowledgment of receipt will be received by your operators. Any additional information about your order will be sent to your email address if necessary.

An operator accepts a contract proposal from the buyer by delivering goods to the buyer.

The operator is entitled, depending on the nature of the transaction (quantity, price, shipping costs, distance, etc.) above all, at a price higher than EUR 100.00, requesting the buyer to authorize the order in a credible way, in writing. If the buyer refuses to authorize, the operator considers the order to be invalid.

The Operator is entitled to require from the buyer a payment for the order of the goods in advance (advance invoice in the amount of the order, payment via electronic banking), if the customer and the buyer do not agree otherwise in an appropriate manner.

If a long-term framework written purchase contract is concluded between the operator and the buyer, an electronic order is governed by this contract if the e-commerce conditions permit.

A confirmed order of goods is binding. The seller has the right to cancel the order if he is unable to deliver the goods to the buyer for a period specified by these business terms or for the price stated in the online store unless the buyer agrees to a replacement. The buyer will be informed of the cancellation of the order by telephone and / or by e-mail.

The purchase / sale contract is concluded by acquiring the goods by the buyer. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 working days from the conclusion of the contract in accordance with §12 of Act no. 108/2000 Z.z. In the event of a rescission, the buyer undertakes to deliver at his own expense, together with the cancellation of the contract, the complete and undamaged goods including the accessories (original purchase receipt, warranty card, instructions for use ...). The goods must be returned in the original packaging to the sender's address.

The operator undertakes to take over the goods and return the purchased purchase price or advance within the legal deadline within 15 days from the day of withdrawal. The operator returns the buyer money by mutual agreement to the purchaser in writing.

III. Delivery terms and terms

The place of performance of the contract is the place of residence or place of business of the buyer listed on the trade registration form or on the order form. The goods will be delivered to the operators using the services of third parties (Slovak Post) or they will deliver the goods by their own means, On the basis of an agreement with the buyer (choice when placing an order), the goods will be ready at the operator where the buyer will take over the product within 3 days of the call from the store operator.

The delivery of the goods is made by handing it over to the buyer, or Slovak Post, or to the first carrier for transport to the buyer.

Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer subject to payment of the purchase amount in full.

The operator will deliver the goods to the purchaser as soon as possible (i.e., within 2 days) upon receipt of the electronic order. The delivery time may be longer in exceptional cases (eg holidays, holidays), subject to special agreement between the parties.

The goods will be delivered to the buyer in normal packaging, except where special requirements arise from the nature of the goods or from the agreement.

IV. Purchase price and payments

All prices for goods and services and all fees in the online store are included, including VAT. All stocks are valid until the stock is sold unless otherwise stated for a specific product.

The purchase price is payable at the latest when the goods are taken over (on delivery, from the courier, to the operator), or on the date stated in the advance invoice or when sending the order.

Where the price of the goods is covered by electronic payment transactions, the goods are dispatched preferably after the total price has been credited, including VAT, in favor of the operator's account.

The operator reserves the right to require the buyer to make a prepayment (setting up a shop system), especially for orders such as those listed in Art. II. 5 of these rules.

In the case of a refusal to pay an order in advance, the operator considers the order to be invalid.

Buyer can choose one of the following ways to pay the purchase price:

 - Cash on delivery when goods are taken from the courier

 - transfer to the bank account of the operator

V. Warranty, Complaints, Documents

The operator together with the goods will provide the buyer with all the relevant documents relating to the goods, that is: the invoice - the tax document, the delivery (guarantee) sheet of the operator.

The operator provides a warranty expressly provided for in the delivery note (the delivery note also serves as a warranty certificate), unless it is mentioned in the delivery note, so the minimum guarantee is 24 months and begins to run on the date of receipt of the goods by the buyer.

The operator is responsible for defects in the sold goods due to material defects, functional errors or faults caused by the manufacturing, installation or installation performed by the operator's employees during the warranty period.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by unprofessional use, inappropriate handling, use or installation that is inconsistent with the user manual, electrostatic discharges, or defects caused by excessive mechanical wear. The warranty also does not apply to damage caused by a natural disaster, natural disaster, violent damage, weather conditions, or operation under extreme and unusual conditions.

The warranty expires in the case of unauthorized interference with the goods by a person not expressly authorized to act by the operator or the manufacturer of the goods.

Approved complaints will be sent to the buyer by the shipping service or will be stored.

VI. Discounts, postage, packaging, minimum purchase value and constant

Under its business strategy, the operator assigns discounts that are not claimed by the buyer unless they are listed on the operator's website on the day of the order.

An operator specifies the postage and packaging which is added to the value of the goods in the order and which the buyer is obliged to pay with the price of the goods as stated on the order or invoice. About the amount of postage and packing information on www.petross.sk.

The operator adjusts the constants and business settings that allow purchasers to make better purchases. About these settings, please refer to these pages.

The minimum purchase value in the store is not set (this is the sum of the lowest price of the stock product and the lowest postage and packaging price).

VII. Final and transitional provision

These General Business Terms apply as stated on the Operator's website on the day of the electronic order submission, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

By submitting an electronic order, the buyer accepts without reservation all the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the Complaint Rules in force as of the date of dispatch of this order.

Relationships between the two parties that are not governed by these General Business Terms and Conditions are governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and other related legislation.

Possible disputes between the parties, which will not be solvable by mutual agreement between the parties, shall be decided by the competent court.