PETROSS, s.r.o., deals exclusively with the import and distribution of MagnaClean products in Slovakia. We are aware that we bring to the Slovak market a wide range of new products, which are their quality, efficiency, flexibility and ease of assembly immediately number one on the market. A complete assortment of products is now available.

PETROSS, s.r.o. as a partner of Adey Innovation LLP, a leading UK manufacturer of magnetic filters for maintenance and protection of central heating systems, we know that we have a strong partner in our partner that does not achieve average results and still sets higher goals.
In the UK, it has been mounted for more than 2 mil. MagnaClean filters, with Adey moving and expanding in 2014 to the European market.
This boom of the company speaks of the high quality and professionalism of products that can not compete with the market. MagnaClean filters are new in the Slovak market.
Compared to competing brands, both MagnaClean filters and MagnaClean chemicals capture the harmful black calcium oxide produced in the heaters several times. By installing the filter and using the appropriate MagnaClean chemicals from Adey, PETROSS, s.r.o. It helps in the long run to reduce the costs of heating, maintenance and boiler protection. We offer you a professional solution to remove the undesirable effects of black iron oxide sludge.

PETROSS, s.r.o. Adds to the Slovak market MagnaClean filters and chemicals for industrial solutions as well as providing a wide range of filters for all types and sizes of buildings and heating systems together with a comprehensive assortment of improved high-performance chemicals that are also friendly to parts of the heating system.

For more information about Adey's MagnaClean products, please visit the area of ​​our website that best fits your needs and addresses the issue in more detail.